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Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender

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Seventh Generation Laundry Products Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender High Efficiency Liquids 2X Concetrates 150 fl. oz. (99 Loads)

Aqua(water), sodium laureth sulfate, coceth-7 and glycerin (plant-derived cleaning agents), sodium citrate (water softener), oleic acid and glyceryl oleate (plant-derived anti-foaming agents), sodium hydroxide (alkalinity builder), sodium borate (alkalinity builder and soil dispersant), amylase, cellulase and protease(non-animal derived enzymes), calcium chloride (cleaning enhancer), essential oils and botanical extracts*(lavendula angustifolia(lavender), lavendula hybrida(lavandin), eucalyptus dives, eucalyptus radiata, eucalyptus polybractea, pinus sylvestris(pine)), preservative (less than 0.05%, details online). Trace materials are commonly present in cleaning product ingredients. *Linalool is a component of these essential oils.

Label Directions
Sort-Follow garment care instructions. Pretreat-Pour directly on stained fabric, rub gently and soak before washing. Measure-Standard machine: For medium loads fill to line 1 in cap. For hard water, heavily soiled or larger loads fill to line 2 in cap. Softened water may require less detergent. HE machines: Use 1/3 less detergent than for standard machines. Pour- Begin to fill machine with water. add detergent, then add clothes. Place bottle on side with valve down. Loosen top cap for quicker flow. Press button to dispense.

Suggested Uses:
This product is formulated to work well in cold water. Save energy. Wash in cold.

Safety Info:
Please keep all cleaning products out of the reach of children. Seventh Generation products, although not intended for consumption, aren't poisonous. If swallowed: Drink plenty of water and consult a physician. Eye contact: If this product comes in contact with eyes, flush out with water.

Product Info:
Plant-derived cleaning agents, water softener, non-animal derived enzymes. Not tested on animals, No animal ingredients. This product is formulated to be safe for your family and the environment. Our unique ingredient combination is a non-toxic non-irritating, hypoallergenic, biodegradable alternative to conventional petroleum-based detergents.Safe for septic & greywater systems

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